Well Hello Trader Joe!

February 20th 2015…. a day long overdue here in a small corner of the world called DFW, (that’s in Texas y’all).

The sky is gray and threatening rain. Its a balmy 57 degrees. I’m giddy. I hop in my car and hit the road for the long awaited opening of Trader Joe’s.

Now, its no 2 mile bike ride like we used to have between us in Needham, but, in 5 feet of snow and with a wind chill of negative something??  that becomes irrelevant anyway. There is a rule I follow that goes like this: If I can see my breath I don’t go outside!) I loathe being cold. Some day I will live on an island. Well, enough about that.

My newest commute is about 10 miles with a highway in between but it sure beats the 45 minute minimum to Fort Worth which always included the fear of getting stuck in construction traffic and not making it home in time to pick up the kids… or even worse, our ice cream melting!

As I approach the building there are cops and traffic cones everywhere. (As to be expected, and par for the course).  Hope its only temporary. Surprisingly, I found a parking spot no problem. I don’t expect that will last very long. As I hop out of the car and grab my reusable TJ’s bags from Boston (you know the one with the Hancock tower and lobster on it)  the sound of live steel drums echos through the parking lot.

The front entrance, next to the gal playing the steel drums, is adorned with Trader Joe’s gorgeous reasonably priced flowers. Purple Tulips and lavender today. Always a great selection, always a great price, always a great go to gift!

It’s amazing inside. The shelves are fully stocked like I’ve never seen before.  I do a quick run through because I was in Fort Worth just on Monday and today is only Friday. I pick up some organic produce, organic fruit, and a couple of naughty treats (chocolate cat cookies) for the kids I watch after school – and mini almond biscotti for me,  and I walk out with two bags full for $30. Man you can’t beat Trader Joe’s. And yes, there you have it, I’m not perfect and I do on occasion eat things that aren’t good for me. And yes, Trader Joe’s sells things that aren’t good for you. You gotta read the labels people.

Everyone was so friendly and there wasn’t one person, (employee or customer) that didn’t have a SMILE on their face. The familiarity of it all made me want to sing the theme song to CHEERS. It’s such a happy place, I felt like everyone did know my name there, or it could have been that I ran into two of my neighbors, but I digress.. It was getting pretty crowded so I didn’t want to stick around long. Not a crowd person but that’s another post for another time. There will be plenty of time to visit later. I was a little sad they didn’t stock my favorite Pesto Pizza flatbread in the frozen aisle. Here’s to hoping I see it there next time.

Fort Worth I will miss you. I promise to visit. Needham, you will always be my first love even though you were probably the smallest one in existence, I think that made me love you more! Hello Southlake you are my new BF.